Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

Why Many People Believe Religion?

When you ask ” Why Many People Believe Religion? ” you are asking a great question.

I have the answer for you.  Unlike so many websites, you can’t get a quick answer here because the answer to Why Many People Believe Religion? is complex, and has hundreds of fascinating aspects to it. Why people believe in god is a not talked about in polite society because so many of the reasons are very personal, embarrassing, and illogical.  Polite people don’t go around pointing out major faults with other’s lives.  I don’t want to either.  But I want to help people who believe in God to understand why people believe in god.

My book Why Adam and Eve Created God  answers this question for you.  The answer will amaze you, and you will find that believing in God is normal.  The hundreds of reasons people believe in God are so compelling, that most of the people on earth feel compelled to believe in some god or another.

Their own reason to believe in god is unique, and that is why we have created thousands of Gods.  See a list of gods here.

Obviously, the number one reason of why people believe in God:  Their parents made them.  Think about your faith, or your friends. Do they have the same god as their parents? Their grandparents?  In most cases yes.

But religious faith is much more complex, and I hope you take the time to read my book and understand the deaper meaning behind peopel’s faith.  The list of other reasons that people believe in god is very long, and different people need their god for different reasons.  When you understand the logic, psychology, history, social pressures, and science behind religious faith, you will understand religion so much better.  And if you still have some faith in a god, you will gain the courage to let go.




History of a God

We created a LOT of gods.  See a list of them here.  Some of them were created over and over.  The fact that different people we create gods that are similar could be used as proof that there must be a god, becuase so many people keep creating their own version of Him.

Look at the god Futshunushi.  A god of war, thuner, and lightning. Futshunushi is a Japanese god of fire and lightning. Later he became a god of war and general of Amaterasu.

Vahagn was the third god of the Armenian Pantheon, a god of thunder and lightning.   He was was also a god of war.  An Armenian kings would pray to Vahagn before battle.

The Greeks worshipped Zeus, lord of the sky.  Zues was known for throwing lightening bolts.

Futshunushi, Vahagn, and Zues were created thousands of miles apart, and in very diverse cultures.  War and lightning are two very common powerful forces found everwhere on earth, so it isn’t suprising that everywhere on earth people created Gods associated with them.

Does our creation of Futshunushi, Vahagn, and Zues prove there must be a god?  Some would say YES because these gods were created thousands of miles apart, and in very diverse cultures.  It can’t be coincidence, right?  There must be some common motive to have created them, and that common motive is there must really be a god of war.

But, if we want to be honest, we must also admit war and lightening are also common.  Every culture has war and every culture as lighening.  When we needed gods to explain





My Faith Defines Me

This phrase is used by so many people.  From Vice President Joe Biden to local politicians.

My Faith Defines Me

It is also one reason I felt compelled to write my book and put up this website dedicated to religious freedom.  When a person running for for political office says his faith defines him, it is very very important we understand this faith.  In politics it is OK to say this, but to ever ask for an explanation or question the faith is unacceptable.  In 2012 we had two very religious men running for President.  For this first time, a Mormon(Mitt Romney) will be on the ballot. With no evidence of god, should we worry about a person who thinks there is one? And puts faith in this belief?  An controls the most powerful weapon arsenal in the world?

Our school systems do not teach religion, businesses are banned from discussing it, politicians and public servants cannot discuss it, and polite people do not bring it up in conversation with others who are not of the same religious persuasion.  This religious truce is necessary to maintain a certain harmony and civility in the workplace and our government offices, but when a candidate brings up faith, it is fair to ask for an explanation.

I can find no explanation from Mr. Romney’s speeches or web site about the details of his faith , so I’ll list some Mormon beliefs that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently embrace.   Read the list, and you’ll have to agree, it should be fair to ask about the faith of our Presidential candidates.

What do Mormons Believe:

  • Men and women will be punished by God for their sins.   Can a man who believes God will take care of injustice be as concerned as he should be about justice on earth?
  • Children under 8 years old are not accountable and cannot commit a sin.  This does seem right.
  • Mormons believe in revelation from God and the gift of prophesy.   Should the President be taking advice from prophets or waiting for a revelation from God to act?
  • Mormons believe they will go to Heaven when they die, and unbelievers go to hell.  When you are sure a much better life is awaiting you for all eternity, will you really make the best of this one?
  • Protective undergarments should be worn and must be purchased from the Mormon Church.  🙂
  • Anyone with dark skin had second-class status within the LDS church until 1978.  The Mormon church is slow and backwards with regards to women’s and African-American rights.  This should not define our leaders.
  • Tithing.  Ideally, everyone should give 10% of their income to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Taxes are high enough.  Should our leaders endorse a faith that requires another 10% donation?
  • No coffee, no drugs, no tobacco, no Coca-Cola.  These are all legal products and our politicians should consider them for their merits and affects on society.  It would be wrong for a politician to suppress an industry because his God told him it is evil.
  • Women are not allowed to be priests.  Aside from a past filled with polygamy and abuse of women, the LDS church still refuses to give women equal rights.  No politician should hold this defining view.
  • A person can be forgiven for any sin.  This may sound polite and tolerant, but there are some things that are just wrong, and there is no making up for them.   Bin Laden found this out, and a leader that would forgive a Bin Laden is not a leader.

But Don’t Worry About Politicians

All this said, we know most believers really are not true believers, and it is unlikely Mitt Romney is “defined by his faith”.  He’s pragmatic, and to get elected a politician must say they have some religion.  The faithful voters want to vote for believers, regardless of the faith.  An atheist has never been  President of the USA(that we know of), but a few presidents may have been closet atheists.

This does show how powerful religion is.  Men and women smart enough to achieve political office still cling to some form of religion.  Read my book “Why Adam and Eve Created God” to find out why people believe in God.

The Proof That God Does Exist

-Nothing Found-

There is no proof God exists.  I’ve looked very hard for over 30 years found that no one has ever found a single piece of evidence God exists.  Think back on all the church services, Bible study classes, and religious scholars you’ve talked to and you will realize no one has ever shown you real evidence God exists.  There are lots of philosophical arguments put forth, but no evidence.  Its is ok not to believe in God because no one can show any evidence that the God writen about in the Bible/Talmud/Midrash/Qur’an/Sunnah/Bhagavad Gita/Tantras exists.

I spent 30+ years searching for ANY proof that God exists.  I’ve read hundreds of books, spent thousands of hours watching religious TV and listening to religious Radio programming, put in years attending Christian Churches, and never once saw any evidence.  I’ve asked religious leaders and believers around the world the for evidence of God.  Is there evidence of God?  I spent the last 30 years looking at every piece of evidence of God, and none if it is the least bit believable.  No one in the history of the world has ever found any real proof that God exists.  If anyone ever found proof that God exists, he or she would be famous the world over. But despite millions of people searching, no one has ever found God anywhere.

Sure, there are plenty of “Arguments” for God’s existence, but there is no evidence of god that an intelligent person would accept as proof.  There are thousands of pages of holy scriptures and texts spread across thousands of religions, and yet not one person can show proof that the God described in their holy text exists.  The reason:  We Created God.  Why do people believe in god? Read Why Adam and Eve Created God to understand why religion still captures the imagination of most people.

An Interesting Experiment

Here’s a fun experiment:  Right now, open another tab on your browser and search/Google for “Proof that God Exists“.   You will see there are millions of web pages relevant to this search.  Read the first 10, 100, or 1000 pages. Whatever you have time for.  You will see there is no website that describes any real proof an intelligent person like yourself would call “proof”.  The pages will recite the standard “arguments” for God, but an argument is not proof.  Many will have stories about amazing events that randomly happened, but that’s not proof to anyone but a believer.  Many will claim some holy text proves God exists, but they won’t even know where the text came from.

We know how to prove things.  Doctors, scientists, engineers, and many others routinely prove beyond any doubt very complex matters with quite limited access to the data.  With the enormous amount of information we have from the religions of the world, proving God exists would be easy, but they find the task impossible.  No web page will have real proof, the kind we’d expect to find if an all-powerful God wanted us to know about Him.  Think about what you were told about God.  Is any of it really true?  Try to think of even one supernatural trait attributed to God, and see if you have ever seen any evidence of it.

What Would Prove God Exists?

You might ask, “What would I accept as proof that God exists?”   That is very simple.  The same sort of evidence most anyone would accept as proof.  In fact, if the actions attributed to God in the holy books actually happened (raising dead, feeding hungry, walking on water…), we’d all believe.  But they never do.  Here is a list of some traits our holy books ascribe to God, and if they actually existed I and everyone else would believe.

1. Real Miracles

Believer say with god, anything is possible.  But, there are many many things that just never ever happen.   Soldiers who have a leg blown off in battle often meet with priests who pray for them.  They beg God for healing.  If the leg grew-back after the prayer, that would be a real miracle and I’d believe.

2. All Powerful

Every believer prays to their God to protect them, and help them.  If believers in God were unusually healthy, or didn’t get cancer, or always won the lottery, or never got killed by hurricanes and tornadoes, I’d believe.

3.  He Loves

Where is the evidence of God’s love?   When a baby starts crying from a lack of food, if milk always appeared before the child died from hunger, I would believeIf a lightning bolt struck down people who were about to slaughter a Christian or Muslim because of their faith, I’d Believe. 

4. Controls the Universe

If the atomic weight of various elements, the speed of light, the physics of a atom, the electrical conductivity of a transistor, or any other physical constant in the universe were changed by God, it would decimate most modern industries such as electronics, automobile, construction, and communications.  But I would be a believer.

5. Appears to Humans

Thousands of people have claimed to see or talk to God, angels, or spirits.  Yet, no one ever gets a clear photo or recording.  With the billions of cameras in the world, news crews on call 24/7, and video recorders in so many phones, why is it no one every gets a picture of Big Foot or God?  A real video of God descending from the sky into a tornado, and crushing the twister before it destroyed a church would make many of us beleivers.

Then Why Do We Believe in God When There is No Proof?

It is very natural to believe in God.  intelligent people believe in God for many good reasons, but none of them are supernatural. My book Why Adam and Eve Created God explains how this happens.  Take the time now to learn why people believe in God.

Humans are a race of believers.  Every culture and every people, no matter how ancient or modern, civilized or barbarian, wandered towards the spiritual.  The religions evolved as civilization advanced, and now billions still follow the passions of bygone cults whose foundations were laid thousands of years ago.  No supernatural cause has ever directed people to recognize any of the 2500+ deities they invented.  But there are many very real and natural reasons people embraced the gods of their parents.  Call it the Human Spirit, personality, or your soul.  But whatever it is called, it is in all mankind and is an amazingly strong force.

It is easy to point an accusing finger at religious institutions, accusing them of manipulation of their followers.  But the blame is not only on the religious organizations and charismatic leaders.  Many of us just do not understand our own self, our life forces, our mental processes, and our egos.  Some people fall prey to sophomoric tricks played by religious groups not just because they are being had by experts, but because they do not know their limitations, their vulnerabilities, their weaknesses, and their blind-spots.  America’s children grow up with minimal education in the science of the mind, rational thinking, and scientific reasoning.  When confronted with supernatural suggestions, few can carry on a reasonable discussion with the intent of determining the truth.  Also, for too many people, the unreasonable supernatural ideas feel better than the cold hard facts.  We all have important psychological needs and desires, and for many, these are filled by a religion.  These needs must be satisfied for us to have a full life, but we no longer need God.

Search for the truth.  Think for yourself.  Experience True Religious Freedom.  And you will be rewarded with an enlightening revelation: We Created God.

Why do you think many people would believe in Him?

When you ask “Why do you think many people would believe in Him? ” you are asking a great question.

There are many very good reasons, and I have the answer for you.  Unlike so many websites, you can’t get a quick answer here because the answer to Why Many People Believe Religion? is complex, and there are hundreds of fascinating aspects to the answer. Why people believe in a God is a not talked about in polite society because people differ in their faiths for very personal, embarrassing, and illogical reasons.  With so much disagreement about who’s God is right or who’s religion is true, few believers want to cast stones at other faiths.  I don’t want to either.  But I do want to help people who believe in God to understand why people believe in god.

My book Why Adam and Eve Created God answers this question for you.  The answer will amaze you.  You will find that believing in God is normal.  The hundreds of reasons people believe in God are so compelling, that most of the people on earth feel compelled to believe in some god or another.  The reason’s have nothing to do with anything supernatural.  They are a natural part of being human, and everyone should understand this part of human nature.  Each believers have their own reason to believe in God, and that is why we have created thousands of Gods.  See a list of gods here.

Obviously, the number one reason of why people believe in God:  Their parents made them.  Think about your faith, or your friends. Do they have the same god as their parents? Their grandparents?  In most cases they do.

But religious faith is much more complex, and I hope you take the time to read my book and understand the deeper meaning behind people’s faith.  The list of other reasons that people believe in God is long, and different people need a god for different reasons.  When you understand the history, logic, psychology, social pressures, and science behind religious faith, you will understand religion so much better.  And if you still have some faith in a god, you will gain the courage to let go.




Silly Mind Tricks

Chapter 19 of my book delves into one of the more fascinating aspects of human nature – Silly Mind Tricks.  Silly Mind Tricks are what I call the little errors our minds make as they take in an overwhelming amount of information and try to make sense of it.  Often we can trust our senses but there are times when they fail us.  And there are times our mind just can’t figure out what our senses are telling us, and revert to a fail-safe mode where our mind fills-in the gaps it can’t figure out. When they do this, there is no alarm or warning.

For example there are many times where our minds simply make up memories.  They piece together bits of real events with stories we read about or saw in a movie, and add in information from someone else who implanted it in our mind during some discussion.  This happened to Ronal Regan when he was president of the United States when he confused his life with movie roles he played.  It happens to everyone.

Silly mind tricks are part of being human.  They can be silly, embarrassing, and dangerous.  Find out why we all experience them, and how they have been used by religions the world around to trick people into thinking God had something to do with their life.  They are not evidence of God, but play a part in why people believe in God.  Tricks of the mind have been potrayed as proof of God’s hand in our world, but when you understand the mind better, you will realise that the normal tricks our mind plays on us are all-to-human. Not God.

Briefly, here is a list of silly mind tricks that most all people experience.  These are normal parts of being human:

  1. Auditory Hallucination (Hearing Voices).  Sometimes this happens as we are falling asleep or awakening.  Sometimes when a loved one passes away, we’ll hear their voice as if they were in the room.   Sometimes people hear voices for no particular reason – they just do.  Its not a mental problem, its a normal part of life. For a very few, this happen so much it disturbs them and they need professional help.  So when you hear a story about some religious prophet hearing God, there is a good chance he really did believe he heard God.
  2. Visual Hallucination (Hearing Voices).  Again, sometimes this happens as we are falling asleep or awakening. Visual hallucinations are less common than auditory ones, but they do happen to many people.  During grief hallucinations, people will have conversations with lost loved ones.  It’s a common reaction, and for those with a hope in an afterlife, a great comfort.
  3. False Memories. Anyone who has raised children has seen this happen many times. When our brain recalls a past event, the memory it brings up can be inaccurate, exaggerated, and missing information. Our mind also will adds additional images and notions that never occurred and fills in memory gaps on its own. And when it does this, sometimes we don’t know it. A false memory and a real memory feel just as real. Psychologist have found it is easy to implant false memories into people, even specific details can be unknowingly planted into people’s mind, and later, they will not know that some vivid memory they have is not real.
  4. Need to Help Others.  People feel a need to help others – which is a great human attribute and helps build a wonderful world.  But at times, this need can cloud good judgment and the desire for truth.  By embracing a God and supporting His religion, many believe they are helping others.  The are helping by save others from eternal damnation.  The are helping to feed the hungry by praying to God.  They loose their will to be reasonable in the same way a hero does when he or she charges into a burning building, collapsing mine shaft, or toxic environment to save a child.  It’s understandable why a person is happier knowing they can save the world with their God and a prayer instead of having to face the realities.
  5. Fortune Telling.  For thousands of years, fortune tellers have been around making a living off telling people what they want to hear.  Using ambiguous statements, deflecting blame, leading questions, and many other mental tricks, they are able to convince gullible people of their supposed abilities.  These same tricks are used by our religious leaders and work well on many people. If there was a real ability to tell fortunes, we could never have something like a Stock Market.  Fortune tellers would wipe it out.  But because fortune tellers charge money for their service, we know they don’t have any supernatural abilities to predict fortunes.
  6. Priming.  When you are in a good mood, you are more likely to say “yes”.  Salesmen know this.  Spouses know this.  Children know this.  Religious leaders know this.  Our mood clouds our judgment, or at least it affects is.  If we are in a bad mood, we will be more likely to say no to something.  Should mood play a roll in judgment?  In the courtroom no.  When making life-or-death decisions, no.  In most cases it should not, but it does.  That is so many religions go out of their way to get people in a good mood before asking them to believe.
  7. Autosuggestion and Hypnotism. Hypnotism is one huge mind trick.  It essentially bypasses the conscious mind and plants ideas into people’s heads much like subliminal advertising.  By weaving certain things into conversations that you don’t notice going in and which direct your thought process, your mind embraces new ideas.  These are called ‘suggestions’ and these suggestions are very powerful and versatile ways to get people to do things they would not normally do.  Religious services can be very hypnotic.
  8. Associations.  Like Pavlov’s dog, our minds can easily be made to associate one thing with another.  This helps us make quick decisions, and these gut feelings are an invaluable part of life.  But when other manipulate our associations, or we ourselves begin to associate good emotions with bad ideas, we can end up tolerating bad ideas.  In church music can create a Pavlovian response.  Priests,evangelists, and ministers know this.  Say something wise, get a halleluiah!.  Praise God, get a halleluiah!.  Mention a great deed, get a halleluiah!.  Soon all one needs to do is hear halleluiah!, and most any action will feel good, even it it normally would make you uncomfortable.

These silly mind tricks may be a normal part of life, but to many people, they are troubling.  We like to believe we know what is going on, have good judgment, and clear thinking.  These mind tricks are often associated with serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia.  So we tend not to discuss these experiences, and for people who believe in Gods, demons, angels, life-after-death, and the supernatural, they are a personal religious experience.  For religious leaders who believe God speaks to them, these are a part of their conduit to the heavens.  It is easier to dismiss them as evidence of God instead of admitting such embarrassing mistakes.

Take the time to learn about how your sill mind works.  They are fascinating.  And when you do, you will learn why God does exist – in people’s minds.  We created God and these silly mind tricks make so many feel certain God is real.  He is really in their mind, and Why Adam and Eve Created God will show you how He got there.

The God Particle Makes God Unnecessary

On the 4th of July, 2012 God became totally unnecessary.  Scientists using the Large Hadron Collider announced that they observed a new particle that is consistent with the Higgs boson theory. What could this have to do with God?  A lot!  In fact, the Higgs particle is nicknamed "The God Particle."

imageFor 400 years, "Descartes First Proof" has been used by all faiths as proof that God exists. Descartes (1596-1650)  quoting a roman philosopher named Lucretius when he said: "Ex nihilo nihil fit", meaning "Nothing comes from nothing".  This makes total sense to everyone. And his argument for God has stood the test of time and logic, helping make believers out of many a skeptic.

If you accept Descartes premise that God must exist because nothing comes from nothing, then you must also accept the notion that if something can come from nothing, God is not needed as the creator.  Be honest with yourself and consider the implications of the Higgs particle.

In 1964, Peter Higgs predicted the existence of an amazing sub-atomic particle.  He theorized that Higgs field must give mass to other particles that have no mass.  The notion of something with no mass is in itself hard to comprehend, but for those exceptionally brilliant men and women who dedicate their lives to particle physics, they understand this.  They know (and can prove) that elementary particles obtain the property of “mass” through interaction with the Higgs field.  Elementary particles transition from something with no mass to something with mass via the Higgs field.

Is this a bit hard to understand and believe?  Yes.  But these brilliant men and women not only spend their lives working on these incomprehensible (to most of us) problems, but they spent billions of Euros erecting the Large Hadron Collider to test their theories.  Thousands of scientists from around the globe have reviewed their work and concur.  God is not the only thing that can create something.  The Higgs field around the Higgs particle created all mass and matter in the universe, including you, and me.  We then created God.

The Higgs field pervades the universe.  When a sub-atomic particle with no mass travels through the Higgs field, it becomes massive. It become something with mass without getting the mass from anything else.  The mass appears out of nothing.  Something from nothing.

Trust the Experts

Many of us were brought up to distrust science.  I was taught in high-school that the earth is about 6000 years old, and evolution is a hoax.  The Bible was a trusted science book in my school.  So when scientists proclaim they found the “God Particle”, and it disproves Descartes, many believers simply throw this incomprehensible discovery on the large pile of facts they wish ignore.  It disagrees with what their religion taught, so it must be ignored.  And discoveries as complex as the Higgs boson are easy to ignore, because most of us, no matter how hard we try, cannot truly understand sub-atomic physics.

Brilliant men and women with PHDs struggle to understand how the universe works, so its easy for the rest of us to ignore them.  Listen to the people with PHDs to get your science and trust their expertise and dedication to finding truth.  What they are uncovering about the physics of the universe is truly amazing.  And there is a good chance you’ve never been taught about this if you got your education from a believer in God.

Here are just some of the amazing physical properties of our universe.  These aren’t theories. The following 10 amazing facts are accepted principles describing the universe you and I live in.  They are disturbing to many religions, and may not be taught in science classes because this knowledge might make someone think the universe is more complex than the simple garden God created for Adam and Eve.

10 Amazing Facts of the Universe

1. There is almost nothing in the universe!  All matter is over 99.9999999999999% empty space.  Your body is 99.9999999999999% empty space.  Concrete is 99.9999999999999% empty space.   And this assumes classical atomic sizes where protons are about 1.5×10−41 cubit meters in diameter.  The truth is, a proton is made up of two sub-atomic particles called quarks, which themselves have no measurable size.  These small particles act more like waves.

2. The “Force of Gravity” does not exist.   There are many forces in nature.  Magnetic, nuclear, electromagnetic, centrifugal,…  But gravity isn’t a classical force in nature — it is a phenomena.  We experience gravity because large massive objects warp our space/time continuum.  When space and time are warped, we do not travel in a strait-line though time, but rather our path is bent as we travel through space and time, and this bending makes us move relatively closer to the objects with mass.  Einstein won the Nobel prize in 1921 for this discovery, and yet 80 years later, most people still do not understand gravity.

3. The universe could fit in a suitcase. Because all matter is mostly empty space, in our time/space view of the universe, if all empty space were removed and everything in the whole universe compressed to the “Plank Density”, it would fit inside a suitcase.  Now, as matter is compressed and densities increase, time and space would be warped making measurements meaningless and one could argue the suitcase is as large as the universe.  Read Stephen Hawkings  and other experts who publish fascinating books that will open up the universe to you.

4. At the center of our galaxy (and most others), is a Black Hole.  A single black-hole can have a mass equal to 3,000,000 suns!
imageIt can swallow a whole planet or sun, and they often do.   Considering one sun is 109 time larger than our earth, a black hole 3,000,000 times heavier than our sun is humbling.  It makes an earthling feel insignificantly small.  No one can think about the size of universe without realizing that in the vast universe, we are not significant.

5. Most of the universe is missing. There are probably more than 100,000,000,000 galaxies in the universe.  And one galaxy will have millions to trillions of stars and planets in it.   This sounds like a lot of stuff, but when calculating the mass of the universe, physicists find that all the galaxies account for less than 5% of the universe.   NASA theorizes that 70% of the universe is “dark energy” and 25% of the universe is “dark matter”.  The continue to map the matter in various galaxies to better understand the nature of the dark matter.

6. Something can come from nowhere.  The Higgs field pervades the universe. When a sub-atomic particle with no mass travels through the Higgs field, it becomes massive. It become something with mass without getting the mass from anything else. The mass appears out of nothing. Something from nothing.

7. There are certain things God cannot do.   Millions have looked, but no one has ever witnessed certain laws of physics being broken.  Nothing with mass has traveled faster than the speed of light (299,792,458 meters-per-second).  Nothing has ever been colder than absolute zero (–273.15 degrees Celsius).   These laws of physics have never been broken, even by anybody’s God.

8. Matter can disappear into thin air.  Matter in the Universe is made up  of a small number of elementary particles, which include quarks and electrons.  Associated with each elementary particle is an ‘antiparticle’ . The antiparticle has the same mass as the particle, but has the opposite charge.  When a particle and an antiparticle combine, they produce a photon, or a particle of light, and their mass disappears.  Their matter no longer exists – in a flash of light.

9. We can look back in time. The universe is about 150 billion light years across, and our best telescope, Hubble, can see things 13 billion light years away.  When it looks at something 13 billion light years away, the it is looking back in time 13 billion years.  It sees the image that was made 13 billion years ago.  The nearest star is 4 light years away, so when we look at it, we see back in time 4 years ago.  Many religion say the universe was made only 6000 years ago, but when we look back 6000 years, we don’t see anything unusual.  When we look back 13 billion years in time, we see a lot of fascinating activity, and a very big bang.

10. It all started with a Bang.  Albert Einstein predicted it, George Lemaitre proposed the theory, Fred Hoyle named it, Edwin Hubble witnessed it, and NASA continues to measure and map it.  The Big Bang is not a theory.  It is fact.  It is a model describing how the universe came to have the properties we see it has.  For many years to come, great minds will be perfecting the model, but the universe certainly started with what we would call a bang, over 13 billion years ago.


If you were raised a Christian, some of these 10 amazing facts of the universe may be new to you.  Every day, scientists are expanding their understanding of how the universe was made.  It is amazing what they find.  When you want to know “Who Made God?” read Why Adam and Eve Created God, and you will be equally amazed at all the reasons we created God.

God Hates No One

Good news!  We Created God, and once you know that God resides only in your mind, all the hate attributed to Him disappears.  My book Why Adam and Eve Created God offers plenty of proof that God exists – in people’s minds.  Those of us raised to think God cares about sex, money, pride, crime, drugs, communists, unemployed, atheists, and gambling, experience great relief when we realize all of the things we were taught to hate will actually not cause us or others to burn in hell for eternity.   When there is no God, He can hate no one.  When you finish reading the book, you will completely understand how and why we created God, and you will be relieved that many of the things you have been taught to hate in the name of God are totally OK to love and enjoy.

Believers in God are unsure if God hates.  Some will say God loves everyone one, others will give you a long list of hated activates and people. Check the Bible:

  • Leviticus 20:23, Moreover, you shall not follow the customs of the nation which I shall drive out before you, for they did all these things, and therefore I have abhorred them.
  • Psalm 5:5,  Thou dost hate all who do iniquity…
  • Psalm 11:5,  The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked, and the one who loves violence His soul hates.
  • Proverbs. 6:16-19, There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, A false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers.
  • Hosea 9:15,  All their evil is at Gilgal; indeed, I came to hate them there! Because of the wickedness of their deeds I will drive them out of My house! I will love them no more; All their princes are rebels.
  • Deuteronomy 32:19-20,  And when the LORD saw it, he abhorred them … for they are … children in whom is no faith
  • Revelation 2:23,  I will strike her children dead so that all the churches will know that I repay each of you as your deeds deserve
  • Luke 14:26,   If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be my disciple.
  • Matthew 10:34-37,  Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

So there is plenty evidence in the Bible that God hates.  But, do the believers think that God hates no one?  A quick Google search for Christian hatred turns up a LOT of articles articulating why God hates one person or another.

  • God hates homosexuals”  74,200 results
  • God hates sex” 59,000 results
  • God hates communists” 5060 results
  • God hates gambling” 2460 results
  • God hates smokers” 3850 results
  • God hates a coward”  2,310,000 results
  • God hates a liar”  42,300 results
  • “God hates Africa” 26,040results
  • “God hates Nerds” 131,000 results
  • “God hates Jews” 42,900 results
  • “God hates the United States” 15,600 results
  • “God hates the women” 41,000 results

Clearly, there are plenty believers out there willing to speak for God and tell us what God hates.  Searching for “God Hates No One” will find over 100,000+ articles, so there are many people out there who want to paint their God in a very favorable way.  They believe God loves everyone.  But, these people deny the Bible and the countless people executed in the name of God.  In times past, men avenged their God’s hatred by slaughtering people who did not believe, burning women they said were witches, and demonizing people else they needed a convenient reason to exterminate.  In most countries, these times have passed, but from the pulpits around the country still hate speech still abounds.  The duality of this logic is hard to understand until you find out why people believe in God. What makes an intelligent person believe in God and embrace such contradictory logic?  Read Why Adam and Eve Created God to understand Why people believe in God and why intelligent people embrace the illogical logic such belief requires. It’s a fascinating  to understand what makes people believe.  And once you understand where belief comes from, dismissing God and the things he hates is easy.  Hating less is good.

Eliminating God will eliminate a long-time favorite disguise for hate. God hates no one because he does not exist.  We all can find some way to get along with those we don’t agree with, and embrace the rest.