Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

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The Big Questions about God’s Existence

So if you think at all about God, and do some research, and go to Church, you will come across some very powerful philosophic arguments FOR the existence of God.  The big questions are listed below, often listed on a religious website.  These are powerful arguments, well though out, and on the surface, very compelling. But, I […]

All Good is from God

Whatever of good befalls you is from Allah, and whatever ill befalls you is from yourself.   (Qur’an, An-Nisa 79) This sentence from the Qur’an sums up most every religion’s view on how their God interacts with their life.  Attributing all that is good as gifts from God/Allah can make people feel indebted to their God, vulnerable to […]

Why do you think many people would believe in Him?

When you ask “Why do you think many people would believe in Him? ” you are asking a great question. There are many very good reasons, and I have the answer for you.  Unlike so many websites, you can’t get a quick answer here because the answer to Why Many People Believe Religion? is complex, and […]