Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

Entries for January, 2012

A list of Gods

People have come up with a LOT of gods.  If you read Why Adam and Eve Created God, you will understand why we created Gods and why most people still believe in one of them.  The supernatural God of the Bible may not exist, but Gods have been created by men and women for thousands of years.  Here […]

The Right to Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right.  Are you surprised to read it here?  This is a statement you will have a hard time finding on most free-thinking and atheist web sites.  The fact that people created their Gods for so many very normal reasons entitles them to believe what they want and enjoy this […]

Being atheist

There is no A in atheist Once you take that leap away from faith in God, you are no longer lumped into a formal group such as “Jew”, a “Catholic”, or a “Baptist”.  Being atheist, with a lower-case “a”, is something to be proud of.  It is not a four-letter word, and its not a name.  People […]

Faith vs. Reason

Why Adam and Eve Created God is about reason.  It describes the reasons people believe in God, and the unreasonable ideas the world’s religions hold.  Long ago religion was about reason and science.  But now with the advances in science and our knowledge of the universe, most religions will tell you that a belief in […]

The Courage to be Free

Religious Freedom takes a lot of courage.  I hope you found my book Why Adam and Eve Create God an enjoyable read, enlightening, and empowering.  If you are like many of us ex-believers, you will need courage to deal with the repercussions of your new found freedom.  I hope my book gave you some of the courage […]

Chapter 43 – A Wake-Up Call for Intelligence

I’d like to conclude this Chapter, and this book, with one last observation.  We have covered pages and pages of bad religious ideas, but we’ve only touched upon the real and present danger some people do present when they live a life devoted to God.  It’s impolite to infer this and illegal in America to […]

Chapter 42 – Prophesying the Past

Predicting the future has been a part of religion since recorded history.  3000 years ago Chinese fortune tellers inspected the cracks in turtle shells to predict the future.  Babylonian priests used the stars to chart people’s destiny.  Christians claim the Old Testament Bible prophesied the coming of the Messiah.  Even today, countless newspapers and magazines […]

Chapter 40 – The Spirit World

Reports of encounters with spirits, angels, demons, and fairies are recorded throughout history.  We will never know if such encounters made people believe in an afterlife, or was it their belief in an afterlife that caused people to think they encountered spirits?  In many ways, Religion itself is a reaction to mankind’s hope and fear […]