Why Adam and Eve Created God is a comprehensive overview of mankind’s religious nature.  There is so much evidence that WE CREATED GOD.  This evidence overwhelmingly proves to any intelligent person willing to review it, that we created god.  You are smart enough to have found this website.  Read on.  You will see all the proof you need that men created your God, and there is no poof anywhere that any God exists.

We all know that proving a “negative” statement such as “God does not exist” is logically difficult and the burden of proof should be on the person asserting the positive statement “God Exists“.   But in this case, there is a lot of evidence that shows We Created God thousands of years ago, and this overwhelming amount of evidence overshadows the total lack of evidence that God exists.

So how does one prove there is no God?

Some say it is impossible, but proving a negative can be done to the satisfaction of intelligent people willing to  evaluate the proof.  It is an intellectual challenge.  This is why my book is not called “Why We know there is no God”.  It would be hard to convince a believer that there is no God.  I prove that We Created God and show exactly how and why mankind went about creating God.  God does exist – in the imagination of billions of people.  This is easy to prove.  The evidence that we created our God is overwhelming, and if you are intellectually curious, the story behind our creation is enjoyable to study.  My book Why Adam and Eve Created God  covers the whole religious experience and story of God’s creation. The deep emotional, psychological, social, and intellectual reasons for belief are also strong evidence as to why people needed, and still embrace, the Gods we created.

The book will explain why people need to have a God, why they make up gods, why they want to beleive in gods, and how people manipulate their children and friends to believe.  The following sections contain some of the evidence which helps prove that We Created God.  The evidence is overwhelming that people made up God.  Please take a look:

We Created Thousands of Gods

Over the last ten thousand years, mankind has come up with a LOT of gods.  This fact shows us that mankind has a natural propensity to blame/credit gods with most every phenomena.  We make them and discard them as often as we do our politics.  Click here for a partial list of the many various gods we created:  A list of gods.  If there really were A god, we would not have needed to re-invent him over and over and over.

Who Made God?

Read this book and see how and why we created God. Human nature loves God, and most societies benefit greatly from notions of God.  Society for thousands of years have nurtured faith in God, and people in these societies are happy and enjoy life in great ways. As psychological scientists and therapists have discovered, people love to life in situations that match their beliefs and are not opposed to the things they love. Religion make life great for most people, but there are ways to have great lives and great societies that don’t require blind faith.

Believers are Easy to Make

We all want to think we have “free will” and choose to believe in whatever religion we do.  But history shows us that with training, people are made to believe almost anything.  Most people believe whatever their parents and governments make them believe.  It has nothing to do with the actual teachings of the faith or the reality of the facts.  Look at non-religious ideas also, and you will see people believe outlandish ideas when influenced by well-honed tricks.

The citizens of most countries think their country is the greatest country on earth.  By few measures does any one country lead the world, but the facts don’t get in the way of their superior belief.

Americans today think they live in the greatest country on earth.  By few measures does America lead the world, but the facts don’t get in the way of the superior belief.  National pride is great, but apathy comes with it.  How do we convince people to try to improve when we already are the best?

In North Korea, virtually the whole country worships Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-il-sung.  These terrible leaders caused millions to starve and imprisoned hundreds of thousands of dissenters.  But their nation loves them, and virtually deifies them.

Hitler convinced most all Germans that they were a superior race.  It wasn’t even hard for him to do it.  Most Germans really believed they were the master race.

Astrology, Bigfoot, chemtrails, vampires, Friday the 13th, levitation, spontaneous human combustion.  These are just a few crazy notions that intelligent people still believe in — because we are a race of believers.

Creation per Genesis Did Not Happen

Most Christian religions now concede that the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is a story or allegory and it is not literal fact.  For thousands of years Christians, Jews, and Muslims said the Adam and Eve story was a historical fact, and this is how mankind came into being.  Now that we know the earth is billions of years old, Christians have had to re-write their educational materials to work this fact into their fiction.  One point they can’t resolve when re-writing the role of Adam and Eve in history, is: Why do they need Jesus if Adam and Eve didn’t sin in the garden of Eden?  Jesus came to save humanity from the sins of Adam and Eve, but if Adam and Eve never really lived, what did Jesus die for?

The fundamental basis of the Christian faith is the need for Jesus to atone for the sins of Adam and Eve.  Now that it is easy to prove the earth is Billions of years old, the majority of faiths have changed their position on Genesis and admit there was no literal garden of Eden and there was no real Adam and Eve.  Each tap-dance around this embarrassing point, but the fact is, the fundamental text of their faith and the reason to have a Messiah has been discredited.  Not long ago, all Christians, Jews, and Muslims were adamant that around 6000-10,000 years ago, the earth was created and Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden.  No questions about it.  Adam and Eve were facts and fundamental to their faith.  It’s only since we began to understand the history of the universe and mankind that most all faiths revised their stance on Genesis.  To avoid the embarrassment of admitting this huge error, they usually allow their believers to choose if they wish to believe in a literal interpretation (young earth) or not(theistic evolution).  Either way, they never discuss the illogical notion of worshipping a Savior that saves people from an event that never happened.

Christianity Was Made by A Committee

Yes its true.  This is another little secret that most Christians aren’t even aware of, and certainly don’t want to talk about.  In the early days of Christianity, there was little consensus on who Jesus was, what His message was, and what is a “Christian”.

Jesus didn’t say he was God, and He preached about the Kingdom.  His disciples were uneducated fisherman, probably unable to write, and the cults that spun off after Jesus’ death were very diverse.  By 200 years after Jesus’ death, Jewish scholars had canonized the texts.  Finally, after 300 years of argument, the Committee of Nicaea meet in AD325 and formalized a Christian creed.  Council of Hippo (A.D. 393) and the Council of Carthage (A.D. 397) affirmed the same 66 books as authoritative.  Why not 67 or 65?  No one really knows what the selection process was and exactly why books were included/excluded.  But that’s what happens when committees design things.

Christians Plagiarized their Core Ideas

So many Christian ideas are actually carry-overs from more ancient religions.  God didn’t come up with these, but people who worship their God embrace these traditions.  It was easier to converting others when they had familiar teachings.  Christians did not just duplicate pagan ideas, but incorporated elements of familiar pagan traditions and stories into their own teachings and traditions.


Christmas, Easter, and thanksgiving were pagan celebrations long before Christians began to use them.  The winter solstice was an important celebration long before Jesus was born.  Scholars agree it is unlikely Jesus was born in December, but yet today the world celebrates his birthday on December 25th because people were already celebrating the Roman midwinter festivals called ‘Saturnalia’ in December around this date.

Virgin Mary – Mother of God

The virgin birth story was used by many religions long before Jesus.  The story of the God Horus (the son of the virgin Osiris) has many parallels to the Jesus story.  Many other ancient gods were born of Virgins. The Biblical account of Jesus’ youth can seen in many ancient texts long before Jesus lived.  There are way to many to be coincidence.

Flood Story

Another Genesis tale was taken from ancient Greek mythology.  The story of Zues’s flood is play-for-play the same as the biblical account.  The Gilgamesh flood myth and the Epic of Atrahasis pre-date any know Jewish or Christian texts, but yet tell a similar story.  If there had been a world-wide flood covering the earth 4000 years ago, it would be so easy to prove.  Despite thousands of people searching the globe for any sign of it, there is no evidence of a global flood happening.  Today, the global flood story helps believers cover-up the scientific evidence that undermines their faith.


The work “hell” doesn’t even come into use until about 725AD.  It is not used in any Old testament scriptures, and even the concept of hell as Christians portray it (a place sinners suffer for all eternity) is not found in the Bible’s Old Testaments.  Many very ancient religions and stories utilized the concept of hell such as  Plato’s Myth of er (380BC), the god Hades ruled the Greeks underworld, and Zoroaster’s eternal punishment for wicked people.  Long before Christians made any reference to hell, other religions around the globe knew all about it.


Isn’t it odd that Jesus used a pagan baptism ritual?  Nope.  This is the way religions are made.  Greeks were using water purification rituals long before John the Baptist.  To the mind of 2000 years ago, baptism was just one of the many ways people interacted with the gods, and no one thought is was odd.  2000 years later, parents are still starting the indoctrination of their newborn children with this way.

Control of Women

Until the early 1900’s Christians and Jews taught, and Muslims still teach, that women are second-class people, subservient to men, and unworthy to hold responsibility, vote, or be equal to men.  There are still many Christian churches who will not allow a woman to preach to men and almost no female Rabbis or Priests.  Politics and social pressures have made religions tone-down their sexist attitudes.  Just the fact that in 200 years the way Western religions treat women changed so dramatically shows that the doctrine is not from God, it was made up by men with selfish intent.

There should be a revolt against religion for their treatment of women, but yet the institutions continue to thrive ignoring the centuries of abuse.

From the ancient teachings where God told believers to stone women to death if they have sex out of wedlock, to Paul’s insistence the women submit themselves to their husbands (and not vice versa), Jews, Christians, and Muslims treat women unfairly.  Go back in history are read what Mormons, Caholics, Jews, and most other clergy told women about God.  It’s now totally different because men made up God, and men have had to re-paint Him to fit modern morals.  Come-on women; stop letting men use their God to diminish you.  Read Why Adam and Eve Created God to see how men created their Gods, and why men and women still embrace faiths that tell them they are unworthy.

Crowd Control

People know that religion is a very convenient control weapon.  Not just to dominate women, but to dominate whole populations.  Charismatic church leaders use this power it as well as political leaders.  The great pyramids of Egypt were build by people who believed their rulers was a God.  People will do amazing things when they things in the name of God.  Around the globe men created Gods to give them power over other men, women, and whole nations.  Many religions were started by men who desired to control a population.  Their religions bear no resemblance to each other, so its obviously there is no common-sense to their teachings.  When you look at the men, their motives, and their lives; you will see they were power-hungry, ego-centric, and unreliable people.  And yet many still followed them as if they were divine.  These men are excellent example of how effective a crowd-control religion is, because they were not terribly smart and yet the religion the created convinced many people to blindly follow them.   Its no wonder that so many more people fall for the Gods and beliefs that truly talented leaders dream up.


The pagan emperor Constantine found it very convenient to convert to Christianity and proceed to kill pagan opponents in the name of God.  History knows him as a tyrant and persecutor, but yet some Eastern religions still consider him a saint.  He himself did not know which version of Christianity to support. There were many and he himself was torn between the Arian and Trinitarian versions.  As his kingdom became more Christian, he did to.  Many believe Christianity survives today because of Constantines conversion.  But if you look at Constantine’s faith, it is barely recognizable as Christian by today’s standards.  He allowed the worship of Roman gods by his generals.  He claimed to be ordained by God.  He killed other Christians who did not buy into his claim of supremacy.  He destroyed contrary manuscripts. He made disagreement with the official church policies and teachings a punishable crime. His version of Jesus conveniently recommended paying taxes to Rome and bowing to authority. Before Constantine, Christian cults were spread around the Roman Empire, bickering about what to believe.  By the end of his life, the Roman army had squashed dissent, executed the heretics, and forced the population to accept his version of God.  It was not a pretty process.  It is still with us today.

Joseph Smith

Because  Smith invented the Mormon religion in modern times, there were many reliable witnesses to the process.  The cult he founded and the church that still exists bear witness to how easy it is to simply make-up stories of God and thousands will blindly follow – in this case, all the way to Utah.  Using his God, he convinced at least 33 women and young girls to be his “wife”.  He swindled and cheated thousands, most of whom where his followers.  Mormons have had to revise their teachings in hundreds of ways because they are not Divine.  They were made up by a human that was not all that smart – just charismatic.  Many many books are written by ex-Mormons exposing the hypocracy, abuse, and deception the LDS church practiced.   In the 1800’s, Smith got away with making crazy claims of golden tablets that were mysteriously taken away by an Angel of God.  Simple people of the 1800s accepted his nonsense and demanded no proof.  Most did not even know how to ask for proof, so the Church of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was born.  Now we easily prove how Smith was lying, cheating, and deceiving, but the believers still want to believe.

Jim Jones

Most Christians would not recognize Jim Jones as their spiritual leader, but he used God in the same ways many have done before him.  He is a powerful example of the grotesque allure a charismatic man holding a Bible has.  He made up a whole new version of Christianity, and hundreds paid a terrible price for their faith.  He is a vivid example of how easy it is to makeup a religion and get people to follow it to their doom.


Another fun challenge:  Try to find a reference to Hell (the place bad-people burn in for all eternity) in the Old Testaments or Tanakh.  There is none.  Paul and the New Testament authors invented the notion of Hell to control people.  Theologians still debate whether it is a state of mine, or a real place, and whether souls really burn in it.  Parents, ministers, pastors, clerics, and priests, don’t seem to debate it.  Hell works great for them and they throw it around to scare everyone.  Catholic nuns love hell.  Parents love hell.  Televangelists love hell.  For all of them, it makes their job easier and takes away much of the need to explain right and wrong.  It is simple: don’t do what I say and you’ll go to hell.  None of them will question why God did not tell the Chinese, the Jews, Africans, Asians, Indians, or anyone born before the Apostle Paul about hell.  It works too well for them to consider that it was made up for their benefit.

God Fails to do His Job

The God of the Bible loves his followers, protects them, and takes care of them.  So, does he?  Really think about it and look at the evidence. Does god exist? There is not a shred of evidence indicating He loves is followers.

Polio crippled millions of children for thousands of years.  Finally it was Jonas Salk who came up with a vaccine in 1955 and Sabin an oral vaccine in 1962.  These two vaccines have virtually eliminated the virus.  The all-powerful God failed his job and it was men and women working in laboratories that saved the lives of millions of more possible Polio victims.

God continues to fail to protect his faithful followers.  More Christians are killed by tornadoes than any other religion.  As a twister smashes a baby to death, how can the parents still believe that God protects them?  They do, and read Why Adam and Eve Create God to understand the power of religious belief.  Read it to understand why we created God, and why people continue to believe.

People who reading the same book “The Word of God,” have ended up at war with each other.  Look at America’s cival war.  Both sides were Christian, and both had God on their side.   Both suffered miserably and had no divine protection.  God can’t love both sides as they slaughter each other.  The reason he does not take sides is: he does not exist.

Timothy McVeigh (Terrorist bomber):   “If I had known there was an entire day-care center, it might have given me pause to switch targets.”  He blew up a building in Oklahoma, killing 19 children.  Even this monster of a human would have protected these children if he could have.  Why didn’t God?  Why didn’t God cause McVeigh’s truck to break down on the highway?  Because: God does not exist.

Christians Themselves Prove There is No God

Millions of believers for thousands of years have searched for God.  And yet, not one as ever found any proof that the God of the Bible exists. Any person discovering irrefutable evidence of God would be famous, but no one ever found a single piece of real evidence. Read about the proofs, Google them, talk to Christians about them, read their books, listen to the sermons, and you will hear amazing and well-tuned philosophic arguments. Arguments, but no proof. Read my book, and you’ll see some of the overwhelming evidence that there is no God.  And you’ll understand why we created him, needed him, and continue to believe.