Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

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The Corona 19 proved: God Does Not Exist

In 2020, the Corona Virus damaged all of the planet. Christians and people who trust in God were hurt, damaged, and killed by the Corona virus. Christians prayed to God to solve the Virus, and it did not go away when they prayed. People who believe in  God know: God controls the world and helps […]

Fire at Notre Dame

A blaze of fire happened April 2019 at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It devastated large parts of the 850-year-old church. Thousands of Christians prayed to God to save the Cathedral. The cathedral’s iconic spire fell during the hours it took to battle the blaze. French President Emmanuel Macron prayed to God, and God didn’t […]

Isis Proves God Does Not Exist

After the brutal but successful Paris terrorist attacks (from Isis view) Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby of England questioned whether God exists.  The brutality of Isis and their success in accomplishing their horrible goals makes it obvious to any rational person that there is no God up there protecting Christians. Millions of people around the world prayed to God to protect […]

Evidence of Evolution

I’ve asked hundreds of Christians for just one piece of evidence that the God of the Bible created the world.  Every one starts telling me the philosophic arguments for creation but no Christian has ever cited any evidence.  There is no evidence a God created the world, and there is overwhelming evidence that the world evolved over billions of […]