After the brutal but successful Paris terrorist attacks (from Isis view) Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby of England questioned whether God exists.  The brutality of Isis and their success in accomplishing their horrible goals makes it obvious to any rational person that there is no God up there protecting Christians.

Millions of people around the world prayed to God to protect them from terrorists.  The results of their prayers prove one of two things:

1. God loves Isis and hates Christians because He looks down from heaven and decides to ignore the Christians and make sure Isis terrorists behead Christians and gun them down.

2. There is no God, and we need to trust in ourselves to solve this problem.

1 or 2?   I’ve spent many years studying this problem, and am certain that the answer is #2.  I can prove it to anyone, and we would do the world, Muslims, and Christians a huge favor if we would teach them the truth.  We created God and once people understand why we did this, they will be able to walk away from their superstitions.

Help save lives by doing what you can to educate people about why we created God.  It takes a lot of bravery to do this.  Support our teachers and politicians who are brave enough to tell Isis, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians that we created their Gods.