I grew up in Wisconsin America and was raised as a Lutheran Christian.  For the first 30 years of my life, I was a devout Christian and very well educated in Bible studies.  I could not understand why everyone in the world was not  Lutheran like myself and my family.  I understand the faithful and empathize with them.

I have been the Chief Technologist for a number of very high-tech companies.  To invent complex products and operate companies with limited budgets, I had to master dozens of exceptionally difficult sciences.  I became very successful at researching complicated topics, inventing, and mastering the required technical, business, legal, and marketing principles.

I know first-hand that no matter how complex a topic appears, once you research it and study what the experts say, it’s easy.  This important revelation emboldened me to try to find out why everyone else was not a Baptist.  I began examining religion and quickly realized that Baptists did not have all the answers.  I dug much deeper and could find no religion with credibility, so I decided to make a serious research project out of this.  I applied my methodical engineering approach to the project, starting with the fundamentals of faith.

Over 15 years, I studied hundreds of history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, religion, and science books to understand why people believe.  I spent thousands of hours in my life listing to sermons, watching televangelists, listing to Christian radio, and reading religious web-sites, all with the goal of piecing my research together into an answer for the question:  Why do people believe in a God? 

The answer became crystal clear, but it is much more complex than most people think.  Few books are available that delve into ALL the reasons why people are religious.  My book is the most comprehensive one on the subject, sensitive to the feelings of the faithful, and methodically engineered in a user-friendly way.  I’ve condensed my journey into a book that will fascinate the reader, and in the end he will understand what I have learned – We Created God in a time when we needed Him, and now we can let go of our invention.

A PHD and University chair might help sell a book, but a person’s religious belief is not a psychosis, an ailment, or social problem to dissect.  I was a believer and know how they feel and think.  As a technologist, I describe the established evidence, reveal the facts, and help the reader connect the pieces of their life together.  So by the final chapter of Why Adam and Eve Created God, the light the bulb of enlightenment turns on.  It is how an engineer solves any complex task.

A Dream

I hope that this book will affect the lives of many people in a very positive way.  This is why I wrote it – for my family and for you.  But I want to take a moment and portray a dream — a dream that could become a reality.  I truly believe this book and website will play a role in changing society as a whole.  Religion still plays a huge role in our society, many times in ways that it should not be allowed to.  Lives depend on this book changing society’s perspective on religion.  It sounds melodramatic, but as we all see in the news, daily people are dying over religious beliefs.

World leaders with the military and a nuclear arsenal at their fingertips believe in demons, ghosts, an afterlife, and the supernatural.  They pray to God for guidance and actually think they get answers.  So do most corporate executives, politicians, and the majority of people on the plant.  People’s religious beliefs dramatically affect each of us every day, inhibit reasonable dialog, and get people killed. Let’s move beyond.

I dream we can achieve true religious freedom.  A society where it is OK to be atheist and run for political office and educate children about religion.