Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

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Atheists Are Moral

Christians are taught: “Atheists are immoral”   For example,  Author Neil Carter claimed:  “Ex-Christians can be the meanest of all atheists because they still believe in depravity but no longer possess a mechanism for forgiveness.”  This is a common misunderstanding about us Atheists. There are great ethics without Gods. This is one reason I wrote this book for […]

The Meaning of Life

Without out God, what is the meaning of life? This is a common question. Those raised to believe in God have a hard time imagining life without Him. Philosopher’s throughout the ages have struggled to answer this.  But to an engineer like me, the answer is easy: Life itself has no meaning – It is […]

My Faith Defines Me

This phrase is used by so many people.  From Vice President Joe Biden to local politicians. “My Faith Defines Me” It is also one reason I felt compelled to write my book and put up this website dedicated to religious freedom.  When a person running for for political office says his faith defines him, it […]

God Hates No One

Good news!  We Created God, and once you know that God resides only in your mind, all the hate attributed to Him disappears.  My book Why Adam and Eve Created God offers plenty of proof that God exists – in people’s minds.  Those of us raised to think God cares about sex, money, pride, crime, drugs, communists, unemployed, atheists, and gambling, […]

The Immorality of the Gods

Who made God?  Look at the ethics of every religion, and you will see proof that we created religion and we created the Gods.  The moral principles that guide religions are very human.  The Gods have human personalities.  Every religion claims to have the highest moral standards.  Obviously, it is impossible for each religion to be the […]