This phrase is used by so many people.  From Vice President Joe Biden to local politicians.

My Faith Defines Me

It is also one reason I felt compelled to write my book and put up this website dedicated to religious freedom.  When a person running for for political office says his faith defines him, it is very very important we understand this faith.  In politics it is OK to say this, but to ever ask for an explanation or question the faith is unacceptable.  In 2012 we had two very religious men running for President.  For this first time, a Mormon(Mitt Romney) will be on the ballot. With no evidence of god, should we worry about a person who thinks there is one? And puts faith in this belief?  An controls the most powerful weapon arsenal in the world?

Our school systems do not teach religion, businesses are banned from discussing it, politicians and public servants cannot discuss it, and polite people do not bring it up in conversation with others who are not of the same religious persuasion.  This religious truce is necessary to maintain a certain harmony and civility in the workplace and our government offices, but when a candidate brings up faith, it is fair to ask for an explanation.

I can find no explanation from Mr. Romney’s speeches or web site about the details of his faith , so I’ll list some Mormon beliefs that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently embrace.   Read the list, and you’ll have to agree, it should be fair to ask about the faith of our Presidential candidates.

What do Mormons Believe:

  • Men and women will be punished by God for their sins.   Can a man who believes God will take care of injustice be as concerned as he should be about justice on earth?
  • Children under 8 years old are not accountable and cannot commit a sin.  This does seem right.
  • Mormons believe in revelation from God and the gift of prophesy.   Should the President be taking advice from prophets or waiting for a revelation from God to act?
  • Mormons believe they will go to Heaven when they die, and unbelievers go to hell.  When you are sure a much better life is awaiting you for all eternity, will you really make the best of this one?
  • Protective undergarments should be worn and must be purchased from the Mormon Church.  🙂
  • Anyone with dark skin had second-class status within the LDS church until 1978.  The Mormon church is slow and backwards with regards to women’s and African-American rights.  This should not define our leaders.
  • Tithing.  Ideally, everyone should give 10% of their income to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Taxes are high enough.  Should our leaders endorse a faith that requires another 10% donation?
  • No coffee, no drugs, no tobacco, no Coca-Cola.  These are all legal products and our politicians should consider them for their merits and affects on society.  It would be wrong for a politician to suppress an industry because his God told him it is evil.
  • Women are not allowed to be priests.  Aside from a past filled with polygamy and abuse of women, the LDS church still refuses to give women equal rights.  No politician should hold this defining view.
  • A person can be forgiven for any sin.  This may sound polite and tolerant, but there are some things that are just wrong, and there is no making up for them.   Bin Laden found this out, and a leader that would forgive a Bin Laden is not a leader.

But Don’t Worry About Politicians

All this said, we know most believers really are not true believers, and it is unlikely Mitt Romney is “defined by his faith”.  He’s pragmatic, and to get elected a politician must say they have some religion.  The faithful voters want to vote for believers, regardless of the faith.  An atheist has never been  President of the USA(that we know of), but a few presidents may have been closet atheists.

This does show how powerful religion is.  Men and women smart enough to achieve political office still cling to some form of religion.  Read my book “Why Adam and Eve Created God” to find out why people believe in God.