There are a LOT of religions in the world.  This single fact is what made me spend much of my life studying why people believe in them.  They are so different, and there is no common thread found in their teachings and beliefs.  But the reason’s they attract so many people, and the reason most people in the world embrace at least one of them, is fascinating.   Why Adam and Eve Created God explains why these religions are still here, and continue to attract intelligent  people. 

  1. Christianity: 
  2. Islam:  
  3. Hinduism: 
  4. Chinese traditional religion: 
  5. Buddhism: 
  6. primal-indigenous: 
  7. African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
  8. Sikhism:
  9. Juche:
  10. Spiritism:
  11. Judaism:
  12. Baha’i:
  13. Jainism:
  14. Shinto:
  15. Cao Dai:
  16. Zoroastrianism:
  17. Tenrikyo:
  18. Neo-Paganism:
  19. Unitarian-Universalism:
  20. Rastafarianism:
  21. Scientology: