Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

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All Good is from God

Whatever of good befalls you is from Allah, and whatever ill befalls you is from yourself.   (Qur’an, An-Nisa 79) This sentence from the Qur’an sums up most every religion’s view on how their God interacts with their life.  Attributing all that is good as gifts from God/Allah can make people feel indebted to their God, vulnerable to […]

My Faith Defines Me

This phrase is used by so many people.  From Vice President Joe Biden to local politicians. “My Faith Defines Me” It is also one reason I felt compelled to write my book and put up this website dedicated to religious freedom.  When a person running for for political office says his faith defines him, it […]

The Proof That God Does Exist

-Nothing Found- There is no proof God exists.  I’ve looked very hard for over 30 years found that no one has ever found a single piece of evidence God exists.  Think back on all the church services, Bible study classes, and religious scholars you’ve talked to and you will realize no one has ever shown you real evidence God […]

Silly Mind Tricks

Chapter 19 of my book delves into one of the more fascinating aspects of human nature – Silly Mind Tricks.  Silly Mind Tricks are what I call the little errors our minds make as they take in an overwhelming amount of information and try to make sense of it.  Often we can trust our senses […]

God Buried in the Noise

Noise is everywhere in the universe, and where we find noise, people will see God.  But a careful study of noise reveals there is no supernatural force playing with it.   A humorous example is the visions of The Virgin Mary in a pizza (Houston 2007).    In fact, there is a whole book dedicated to visions […]

Faith vs. Reason

Why Adam and Eve Created God is about reason.  It describes the reasons people believe in God, and the unreasonable ideas the world’s religions hold.  Long ago religion was about reason and science.  But now with the advances in science and our knowledge of the universe, most religions will tell you that a belief in […]

Why People Believe in God

This book, Why Adam and Eve Created God answers this question.  There are many reasons people do believe in God, and some of the reasons they think make them believers don’t matter at all. Reasons Why a Person Believes in God 1. They were born into a family of believers.   This is the #1 reason […]