-Nothing Found-

There is no proof God exists.  I’ve looked very hard for over 30 years found that no one has ever found a single piece of evidence God exists.  Think back on all the church services, Bible study classes, and religious scholars you’ve talked to and you will realize no one has ever shown you real evidence God exists.  There are lots of philosophical arguments put forth, but no evidence.  Its is ok not to believe in God because no one can show any evidence that the God writen about in the Bible/Talmud/Midrash/Qur’an/Sunnah/Bhagavad Gita/Tantras exists.

I spent 30+ years searching for ANY proof that God exists.  I’ve read hundreds of books, spent thousands of hours watching religious TV and listening to religious Radio programming, put in years attending Christian Churches, and never once saw any evidence.  I’ve asked religious leaders and believers around the world the for evidence of God.  Is there evidence of God?  I spent the last 30 years looking at every piece of evidence of God, and none if it is the least bit believable.  No one in the history of the world has ever found any real proof that God exists.  If anyone ever found proof that God exists, he or she would be famous the world over. But despite millions of people searching, no one has ever found God anywhere.

Sure, there are plenty of “Arguments” for God’s existence, but there is no evidence of god that an intelligent person would accept as proof.  There are thousands of pages of holy scriptures and texts spread across thousands of religions, and yet not one person can show proof that the God described in their holy text exists.  The reason:  We Created God.  Why do people believe in god? Read Why Adam and Eve Created God to understand why religion still captures the imagination of most people.

An Interesting Experiment

Here’s a fun experiment:  Right now, open another tab on your browser and search/Google for “Proof that God Exists“.   You will see there are millions of web pages relevant to this search.  Read the first 10, 100, or 1000 pages. Whatever you have time for.  You will see there is no website that describes any real proof an intelligent person like yourself would call “proof”.  The pages will recite the standard “arguments” for God, but an argument is not proof.  Many will have stories about amazing events that randomly happened, but that’s not proof to anyone but a believer.  Many will claim some holy text proves God exists, but they won’t even know where the text came from.

We know how to prove things.  Doctors, scientists, engineers, and many others routinely prove beyond any doubt very complex matters with quite limited access to the data.  With the enormous amount of information we have from the religions of the world, proving God exists would be easy, but they find the task impossible.  No web page will have real proof, the kind we’d expect to find if an all-powerful God wanted us to know about Him.  Think about what you were told about God.  Is any of it really true?  Try to think of even one supernatural trait attributed to God, and see if you have ever seen any evidence of it.

What Would Prove God Exists?

You might ask, “What would I accept as proof that God exists?”   That is very simple.  The same sort of evidence most anyone would accept as proof.  In fact, if the actions attributed to God in the holy books actually happened (raising dead, feeding hungry, walking on water…), we’d all believe.  But they never do.  Here is a list of some traits our holy books ascribe to God, and if they actually existed I and everyone else would believe.

1. Real Miracles

Believer say with God, anything is possible.  But, there are many many things that just never ever happen.   Soldiers who have a leg blown off in battle often meet with priests who pray for them.  They beg God for healing.  If the leg grew-back after the prayer, that would be a real miracle and I’d believe.

2. All Powerful

Every believer prays to their God to protect them, and help them.  If believers in God were unusually healthy, or didn’t get cancer, or always won the lottery, or never got killed by hurricanes and tornadoes, I’d believe.

3.  He Loves

Where is the evidence of God’s love?   When a baby starts crying from a lack of food, if milk always appeared before the child died from hunger, I would believeIf a lightning bolt struck down people who were about to slaughter a Christian or Muslim because of their faith, I’d Believe. 

4. Controls the Universe

If the atomic weight of various elements, the speed of light, the physics of a atom, the electrical conductivity of a transistor, or any other physical constant in the universe were changed by God, it would decimate most modern industries such as electronics, automobile, construction, and communications.  But I would be a believer.

5. Appears to Humans

Thousands of people have claimed to see or talk to God, angels, or spirits.  Yet, no one ever gets a clear photo or recording.  With the billions of cameras in the world, news crews on call 24/7, and video recorders in so many phones, why is it no one every gets a picture of Big Foot or God?  A real video of God descending from the sky into a tornado, and crushing the twister before it destroyed a church would make many of us beleivers.

Then Why Do We Believe in God When There is No Proof?

It is very natural to believe in God.  intelligent people believe in God for many good reasons, but none of them are supernatural. My book Why Adam and Eve Created God explains how this happens.  Take the time now to learn why people believe in God.

Humans are a race of believers.  Every culture and every people, no matter how ancient or modern, civilized or barbarian, wandered towards the spiritual.  The religions evolved as civilization advanced, and now billions still follow the passions of bygone cults whose foundations were laid thousands of years ago.  No supernatural cause has ever directed people to recognize any of the 2500+ deities they invented.  But there are many very real and natural reasons people embraced the gods of their parents.  Call it the Human Spirit, personality, or your soul.  But whatever it is called, it is in all mankind and is an amazingly strong force.

It is easy to point an accusing finger at religious institutions, accusing them of manipulation of their followers.  But the blame is not only on the religious organizations and charismatic leaders.  Many of us just do not understand our own self, our life forces, our mental processes, and our egos.  Some people fall prey to sophomoric tricks played by religious groups not just because they are being had by experts, but because they do not know their limitations, their vulnerabilities, their weaknesses, and their blind-spots.  America’s children grow up with minimal education in the science of the mind, rational thinking, and scientific reasoning.  When confronted with supernatural suggestions, few can carry on a reasonable discussion with the intent of determining the truth.  Also, for too many people, the unreasonable supernatural ideas feel better than the cold hard facts.  We all have important psychological needs and desires, and for many, these are filled by a religion.  These needs must be satisfied for us to have a full life, but we no longer need God.

Search for the truth.  Think for yourself.  Experience True Religious Freedom.  And you will be rewarded with an enlightening revelation: We Created God.