Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

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The Meaning of Life

Without out God, what is the meaning of life? This is a common question. Those raised to believe in God have a hard time imagining life without Him. Philosopher’s throughout the ages have struggled to answer this.  But to an engineer like me, the answer is easy: Life itself has no meaning – It is […]

12 Steps to Free Thinking

12-step programs are typically put together by Christians to cure addictions or change a person.  This 12-step program is designed to help you understand Christians, yourself, and gain the confidence to express your own view of God. Step 1  Admit you may not know everything there is to know about God and religion.  There are a […]

Being atheist

There is no A in atheist Once you take that leap away from faith in God, you are no longer lumped into a formal group such as “Jew”, a “Catholic”, or a “Baptist”.  Being atheist, with a lower-case “a”, is something to be proud of.  It is not a four-letter word, and its not a name.  People […]