12-step programs are typically put together by Christians to cure addictions or change a person.  This 12-step program is designed to help you understand Christians, yourself, and gain the confidence to express your own view of God.

Step 1  Admit you may not know everything there is to know about God and religion. 
There are a LOT of religions.  Is your’s the correct one?  Most of what you know about God and religion came from people with no desire to expand their knowledge.  They insisted that what they taught you about their God is correct, every other view wrong, and they ridiculed anyone who had the audacity to question their faith.  With thousands of religions, what are the odds that their faith is correct?  Think about the odds.  There IS very good chance your parents and faithful friends didn’t choose the right religion.

Step 2  Come to believe that you are smart enough to understand God and religion.   It is not that difficult to understand why people believe in God and religion.  Religious spiritual leaders would like you to think they have some special ability to interpret God’s word and intent.  But get to know them. They are normal/average humans.  They aren’t any smarter than you.  They may have a lot of education in their particular faith, but that just means they don’t really know much about other views.  Holy books like the Bible, Koran, and Torah are filled with information.  It is not hidden, and there are great books out there that explain these in an intelligent way.  Through intensive study, people can build nuclear reactors, spaceship that fly to the moon, and computers that perform a billion mathematical calculations in a second.  We certainly can understand a book that has been around for over a thousand years.

Step 3  Make a decision to see if what you were taught about God and religion is true.   This should be an easy step for you.  Verifying what we think is true should be an important part of everyone’s life.  When we believe in false ideas, we waste energy, emotion, and time.   Take pride in yourself by being confident in your beliefs.  Gain trust and confidence by verifying without a doubt that your faith is properly placed.

Step 4  Think about what you really believe.   Make a list of all your main beliefs about God and religion.  What are His traits.  What does your religion say God does do. Does not do.  What did He do.  What does He do for you, your country, and mankind.

Step 5  Think about what the obvious errors of your religion.  Think honestly.  Your spiritual leaders have tried to whitewash these, so think with your own mind about God and your faith.  What was God supposed to do that He did not?  Where does God fail to act or show Himself?  When did you or your friends and family count on help from God, and yet nothing happened?  Have you ever experienced God?  Has a prayer ever been answered?   What did your religion teach 500 years ago, compared to now?  If its not the same, when did God change his mind about sex, women, slaves, homosexuals, witches, and sinners?

Step 6  Study your religion.  Don’t read the books published by your organization.  Read the books written by people outside your faith that spend their life studying God and religion.   All aspects of religion ahve been studied by brilliant people, and your religion is very well understood.  Find out Who Wrote the Bible. Read the book, and it will change your view of religion forever.  You’ve probably never been taught this, and it is fascinating to find out how little people know about where the Bible came from.  Study the people of our planet, and see that no one religion has helped any particular nation or race.  Find out how many of the Biblical “facts” such as creation and the flood are proven without a doubt to be completely wrong. Think about “Why people believe in god”.  The real reason Why.  For most people: it is because their parents made them;  But ask and study people to find out why people believe in God.

Step 7  Accept that you are biased.  Since you were a child, people you love have told you what to believe about God and religion.  It is not possible to simple put this aside and be objective.  You’ve been brainwashed, and doubting your faith will bother you – if not hurt.  Maybe tell yourself that if your faith is correct, it will prevail and you’ll be stronger.  If it is wrong, then you’ll learn something.  Either way, you have nothing to loose.  Don’t fall victim to the guilty feeling you may have.  If you are a believer, tell yourself God gave you a brain to use and should expect you to use it to the best of your ability.

Step 8  Think about where blind faith harms you.  How much time, effort, and emotion have you put into your God and your faith, and have got nothing back?  What have you prayed for, when you should have been more proactive and taken control yourself?  Does your religion give equal rights to women?  Does your religion teach that the devil is a real problem? That most all other people on the planet will burn in hell of all eternity?  Does your religious leaders tell you your nation, race, or society is blessed above others on the planet?

Step 9  Make a list of others who God let down.  We all know believers who trusted in God, and were left alone.  Some have very sad stories becuase people look to god in times of dire needs.  The Christian business owner who trusts God will bring customers – only to see her company fail.  The employee who prays for a raise instead of working harder.  The child with cancer has a thousand people prayed for her – and dies for lack of proper health care.  The confident politician who prays to God for guidance instead of researching the best policy.

Step 10  Continue to go to church/mass/synagogue…   Go and listen carefully.  This will be an eye opener to you as you listen to what the spiritual leaders tell you.  You will find they won’t talk for more than a minute or two without saying something you know is a lie, and they probably know it is a lie also.  Look for the signs of brain-washing and deception. You will see them everywhere in the service.  Study brainwashing and cults, and then look at your own religion’s practices.  You will see the brainwashing in action and the cult members sitting around totally mesmerized.

Step 11  Do some advanced studies.  At some point, you will see that I may be right.  One way to check for yourself it to take any topic of interest, and become an expert on it.  It is not hard, and with Internet search engines, it does not take long.  Pick a topic like evolution, virgin birth, creation, Bible history, Saint Paul, slavery, women, death, sin, prayer, or any other topic in the Bible, and study it for a  week.  Get to know what the experts know about it.  Never will you find any evidence that there is a supernatural force in the universe playing any role in any part of our life or history. The more you study, the more you will satisfy yourself that we are correct.  And, if you don’t research deeply, you risk believing some nice sounding hogwash published by one religion or another.  They religions of the world have polished their pitch for hundreds and thousands of years, so dig ddep benieth the surface, and you will uncover the truth.

Step 12  Read my book Why Adam and Eve Created God, and tell others.  I wrote this book for you, and I really hope it will help you become a free thinker.  I was as firm a believer as anyone can be, but after years of research, the truth about God became so obvious.  We created God.  I hope you will enjoy my book and find comfort in understanding why so many people still cling to some faith or another.  We were all believers for many very good reasons, but not one of them has anything to do with God or anything supernatural.  I hope you and other will realize this, and I hope for a world where we are free of religious biases and prejudices.  I hope.