There is no A in atheist

Once you take that leap away from faith in God, you are no longer lumped into a formal group such as “Jew”, a “Catholic”, or a “Baptist”.  Being atheist, with a lower-case “a”, is something to be proud of.  It is not a four-letter word, and its not a name.  People like to label everyone something, so you may think you are now an “Atheist“, but you are not.  You don’t have to be labeled like a cut of meat in the grocery store.  Atheist is not a proper noun.  It is an adjective that describes people who are not willing to accept religion.  I would say atheists are people smart enough to repel the barrage of attacks against intelligent thinking that comes from religions and their missionaries.

What is an atheist?  Some say that atheists are people who “choose” to be non-believers.  But atheism is not really an action.  It is a realization.  Those of us who realized that there is no God came to this realization in many different ways.  Some realize there is no God through scientific inquiry.  Some find out through a very bad experience with religion.  Some simply realize the religion of their youth is unbelievable.   Many realize that there is no good reason to believe and religion is not worth having.  Whichever path lead you here, be glad you made it and embrace the feeling of religious freedom.

What is an atheist belief?  Atheism isn’t a belief system. Its a knowledge system.  Being atheist is about knowledge.  Unlike the God-fearing believers, atheists know that there is not God.  We know we can find all the evidence and proof that any smart person would need to make a case for ignoring the idea of God.

Being a Freethinker

I’m guilty of associating freethinking with atheism.   People who have high standards of logic and reason, and judge ideas based upon these standards, often come to realize that there is no God.  It is the natural result of freethinking.  Freethinkers are not automatically atheistic, but well on their way.   Freethinking and atheists are very compatible, and the process of applying freethinking to religion inevitably concludes with the leap away from faith.

Nothing to be Ashamed of

It is unfortunate, but most religious people disdain intelligent thinking.  Their religion’s require them to check logic and reason at the door.  Thinking without reasoning is embedded in their philosphy of life.  It has been taught to them since childhood.  Because most people on earth believe in some God, the atheist finds intellectual animosity all around.

Religions teach their followers many things about atheists, and most of the information is simply wrong.  They are meant to demonize free thought and atheists.  Some of the misconceived ideas are:

  • People who reject God are sinners.
  • The devil possesses the unbeliever.
  • Demons use unbelievers to do their dirty work
  • Non-believers do not have morality.
  • The 10 commandments are needed to maintain law and order.
  • Atheists have no no meaning to their life.
  • It is impossible to distinguish evil from good without God.
  • Atheists worship nature and money.
  • God is Love.
  • Atheists don’t know love.
  • Atheism leads to communism.

With the majority of people around us believing the statements above, atheists face many prejudices.  Fortunately, most of the faithful are not really “true believers” and, the days of religions brutally persecuting the non-believer are mostly over.

It takes courage to step away from God, and the book Why Adam and Eve Created God helps people develop the courage.  It reveals why people still believe, and once a person understands why the believer holds on to their faith, the step away from God is not really a leap, but a side-step.  The atheist can proudly say that their view of life is so much better and rewarding.

  • People are judged by their actions not the group they belong to.
  • We are responsible for our actions, not God or demons.
  • Morality is determined by what is right and wrong.
  • There are way more that 10 things we should do and not do.
  • We make our own decisions and live our own life.
  • We help others when and because they need it.
  • No worry about the afterlife.
  • The reward of doing a good deed is enough.
  • We enjoy life and its rewards.
  • Giving love is an exciting personal experience.

The statements above are so very reasonable, and we atheists can be proud to support them; anytime, everywhere.

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