Christians are taught: “Atheists are immoral”   For example,  Author Neil Carter claimed:  “Ex-Christians can be the meanest of all atheists because they still believe in depravity but no longer possess a mechanism for forgiveness.”  This is a common misunderstanding about us Atheists. There are great ethics without Gods.

This is one reason I wrote this book for my family. Being raised a Christian and taught that non-Christians are evil people, I wanted show how clear it is that non-believers are just as nice people as believers. Some moral subjects that Christians address are important in life, and in most cases when an Atheist understands the human nature behind these moral subjects, they can address the morality in better ways. Following guidance in a book written 2000 years ago (The Bible) is not a good way to address modern moral dilemmas. The world is very different now and we should be making good decisions ourselves.

And when a person fully understands religion, understands why people believe, and understands Why Adam and Eve Created God, moral attitudes often become much better in an Atheist than in a believer.

Why would an Atheist have high morality and ethics without Gods?  Atheists that understand human nature, and understand why others need God, make great decisions and take responsibility themselves.  By taking responsibility is very moral.  Passing off responsibility and hope to a God is wrong to do.  So many people believe that God is in charge of everything and takes care of all people.  This is untrue and Atheists know we all need to be responsible for everything in the world.

Atheists have great mechanisms for forgiveness because they understand the reality of human nature and don’t just assume the Devil caused some evil thing to happen.  When bad things happen, we see that that is part of life and have good understanding why good and bad things happen to everyone.

Many Christians donate money to charities that help poor people around the world.  They also pray to God to ask God to help poor desolate people in third-world countries.  Christians feel they are helping these people by praying for them. That is no help and they think it is. Atheists know they must take responsibility them-selves.  That is very moral.

Evolution and nature provided us with nervous systems.  Atheists understand human nature where believers often ignore people and assume God and the Devil control people’s soul. Understanding the evolution of humanity give people great insight into humanity. Believers who ignore evolution are missing out on this great insight.

All the major religions claim that women are inferior to men. Atheists who understand human nature know everyone is different and that women are not inferior to men. Its time society, governments, and religions move on and stop discriminating against women.