The weather patterns are excellent proof that God does not exist.  Weather is unpredictable, and filled with many random events.  Can random events prove something?  Absolutely.  Certainly, the sun, oceans, terrain and many factors affect weather, but the weather is one of those things that God is supposed to have a hand in.  And when the weather turns bad, the God of all Christians, Jews, and Muslims can protect them from it.  This God punishes the unfaithful with storms.  But does He?

Virtually no Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, or Hindus are killed by tornados, yet Tornado alley plows right through the heart of America’s Bible belt.  Western Europe is the second-most pummeled area by tornadoes.  Dozens to hundreds of Christians are killed every year by tornados, and the horrific tragedies we see in the news now must tug at everyone’s faith in their God.  Is God punishing Christians for something?   The Christian God protects his people, loves them, and loves children.  As we look around the country and the globe, bad weather happens with no religious bias – except tornados killing Christians.  It is simply the demographics of the residents of tornado alley.  God does not hate Christians.  He does not care for them because – He simply does not exist.

Tornados, floods, wild-fires, deadly cold.  These kill mothers, children, believers, and unbelievers alike.  And when they strike, no intellectually honest person can say God did a loving job.  What a F4 tornado or a Cat 5 hurricane does to people’s lives is horrible, and brings any loving person to tears.  We all would have stopped the storm and if we could, would spare the children, women, and men from being crushed, drown, and ripped apart.  We mere mortals have such compassion and God is infinitely times more caring.  Where is He?

The fact is, God is nowhere to be found.  There is no god. As families huddle in their basements praying to God that he spare them from the tornado, the sad truth is, no one is listening.  Tornados kill more Christians than any other religion.  Not because God hates Christians, but because tornado alley runs right through the Bible belt of America.  Why can’t God stop a tornado?  Because he isn’t.