Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

Entries for January, 2012

Chapter 38 – I’m Going to My Heaven

All religions assume people live forever, albeit most believe only a person’s soul lives on after bodily death.  They also claim to offer a way to everlasting happiness—eternal life in heaven.  This is the big payoff in Pascal’s wager.  The actions required to gain eternal grace is simple, making religion quite attractive.  In economic terms, […]

Chapter 37 – The Religious Experience

People experience religion in a wide variety of ways.  Around the globe we find thousands of faiths and billions of people who have had religious experiences.  These can be meaningful and powerful experiences that make people believe in the reality of the unseen.  They are the kind of experience that validates an already existing faith.  […]

Chapter 36 – Peace for Belief

Most every religion believes in peace.  Peace with one’s self as much as with one’s neighbor.  It is certainly an excellent ideal, however peace eludes those who believe World Peace will come when everyone is my religion.  The faithful believe in peace, talk peace, and want peace.  But the various religions are so discontented with […]

Chapter 35 – Adam, Eve, and Sex

Western sexuality began in the Garden of Eden.  Or to put it a bit more precisely; Judaeo-Christian-Muslim sexual attitudes originate with the story of first two people, Adam and Eve.  We all have heard the myth of how mankind fell from God’s grace.  The not-so-subtle undertones of these first chapters in Genesis have framed men […]

Chapter 34 – High Morals Falling Short

Every religion charts a moral path for its faithful to follow.  Their compass is a set of standards to guide the faithful through life’s sea of moral dilemmas.  The teachings of the faiths are filled with thou shalls and shall nots, good deeds and sins.  The moral codes of our day, even the secular ones, […]

Chapter 32 – Divine Human Founders

It takes a special energy to endure the hardships and ridicule religious leaders endure.  It takes convictions.  Convictions that can be hard for others to understand and appreciate.  These convictions comes from within him—from within his psyche.  They may reside in all of us, but only a few are motivated to express their passions to […]

Chapter 31 – Genesis: The First Mistake

The heavy blows science deals out to religion damages this first book of the Bible more than most any other.  Every time science seems to land what appears to be a knock-out punch against the myths of Genesis, the faithful find a way of re-interpreting their beliefs to soften the blow.  The Christian religions are […]

Chapter 30 – Scientific Proofs without Science

Five hundred years ago, it is easy to understand how very smart people could still believe in a God. Without only simple time keeping devices to help plot his course, it seemed like a miracle that a man like Magellan could navigate the globe.  Great accomplishments were done with hard work, bright minds, persistence, and […]