We created a LOT of gods.  See a list of them here.  Some of them were created over and over.  The fact that different people we create gods that are similar could be used as proof that there must be a god, becuase so many people keep creating their own version of Him.

Look at the god Futshunushi.  A god of war, thuner, and lightning. Futshunushi is a Japanese god of fire and lightning. Later he became a god of war and general of Amaterasu.

Vahagn was the third god of the Armenian Pantheon, a god of thunder and lightning.   He was was also a god of war.  An Armenian kings would pray to Vahagn before battle.

The Greeks worshipped Zeus, lord of the sky.  Zues was known for throwing lightening bolts.

Futshunushi, Vahagn, and Zues were created thousands of miles apart, and in very diverse cultures.  War and lightning are two very common powerful forces found everwhere on earth, so it isn’t suprising that everywhere on earth people created Gods associated with them.

Does our creation of Futshunushi, Vahagn, and Zues prove there must be a god?  Some would say YES because these gods were created thousands of miles apart, and in very diverse cultures.  It can’t be coincidence, right?  There must be some common motive to have created them, and that common motive is there must really be a god of war.

But, if we want to be honest, we must also admit war and lightening are also common.  Every culture has war and every culture as lighening.  When we needed gods to explain