There is no God (period)

So how does one prove a negative statement?

Some say it is impossible to prove a negative statement.  But there is so much proof that there is no God as He described in the Bible, Koran, or any other holy book. This is quite easy to prove.  It is hard to convince a believer that there is no God because everyone believes for so many personal reasons, none of which relate to God’s existence.  On this web site, I prove that We Created God and show exactly how and why mankind went about creating God.  Does God exist?  Yes, God does exist – in the imagination of billions of people.

Where is this “Proof there is no God

This web site contains an enormous amount of proof that there is no God.  Please browse it, and feel free to comment with more proofs, or have ideas about the ones presented here.  Here are links to many of the pages that hold proof about god:

The Evidence:

For thousands of years, random events have been attributed to God.  Really, random events prove there is no God:

Most religions still believe their God controls the weather.  Once again, the weather proves there is no God:

If you are a believer in God, these proofs may not convince you.  Probably won’t.  If you read my book you will understand why you believe in God, and once you have a full understanding of the psychology, history, and sociology of your faith, these proofs will make more sense.  If you’re still not convinced, they I highly recommend you try to prove to yourself there is a God.  You won’t be able to, but simply trying hard to do it will prove to yourself there is no God.

Please go ahead and try to prove to yourself that your God exists.  Use sound reasoning and some good research to do this.  There is so much information about every major God, that proving He exists should be easy.  If you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhists, you have an advantage because three is so much information about who your god is, and what He does and does not do.  Use this information to validate your faith.  It’s a rewarding experience to do it, and even though you will fail to be able to prove anything about your God, you will be rewarded with the personal knowledge that you cannot find your God, and there is more to His existence than you thought.

Proof that there is a God

The way one goes about proving something is very well understood.

  1. State the question.  “Does God Exist.”
  2. Make some hypothesis related to the question.
    If God does exist, here is what should be true: (make 10 statements)
    If God does not exist, here is what should be true: (make 10 statements)
  3. Predict the results of testing your 20 statements above, before doing any tests or investigation.
  4. Take the time to test each of your 20 statements.
  5. Analyze the results of your tests.  Compare all 20 sets of results.

When you are done, you will see that every one of your 10 statements about God’s existence cannot be shown to be true.  Most every one of your statements related to a non-existing god will be true.

So then, Why do People Believe in God?

This question is where I started my investigation so many years ago.  My book Why Adam and Eve Created God answers this question.  It is a fascinating exploration of the religious experience, and will show you exactly why people believe, why belief is normal, and how to step away from religious faith.