The Scientific Method is the primary way we obtain knowledge.  Without it, what we know would all be faith. But once we prove something with sound objective logic, we improve our knowledge and take a step away from conjecture and blind faith.

We can use the Scientific Method to prove that God does not exist.  Yes, a negative statement can be proven with it.  If you would rather try to prove he does exist, the Scientific Method can also be used to do this.  Is there a proof of God?  When you try to prove God does exist, you will fail 100% of the time.  If you try to prove he does not exist, you will usually succeed if your questions and hypothesis are well thought out.

Here is an example of how you would try to prove that God does exist.

Proof that there is a God

The way one goes about proving something is very well understood.

  1. State what you want to prove in a question.  “Does God Exist.”
  2. Make some hypothesis related to the question. If God does exist, here is what should be true: (make verifiable statements) If God does not exist, here is what should be true: (make verifiable statements)
  3. Predict the results of testing your statements above, before doing any tests or investigation.
  4. Take the time to test each of your statements.
  5. Analyze the results of your tests.  Compare all sets of results.

When you are done, you will see that every one of your 10 statements about God’s existence cannot be shown to be true.  Most every one of your statements related to a non-existing god will be true.

1. The Question: Does god Exist?

The “God” we are talking about in this example is the God of the Bible.  You can substitute your God, but for this example, we want to see if the God as described in the Bible exists.

2.  The Hypothesis

Here are some example hypothesis anyone familiar with Christianity would say are true statements about God.  Now, modern Christians have been told to disregard many of these common Biblical teachings because under scrutiny they fall apart, but these are the foundations of the Christian faith that have been around for over a thousand years.

First the Positive Hypothesis.  If he DOES exist, then….

A. The Bible says he created the earth about 6,000 – 10,000 years ago. See if there the age of the earth and universe is about this old.
B. The Bible says the earth was destroyed in a flood about 4,000 years ago.  See if it was.
C. God is eternal.  Look at what He is, and see if his teachings, message, and requirements are eternal.
D. God created man and woman.  See if we evolved from other species or our DNA, organs, and biology is unique to humans.
E. God loves his followers and protects them.  See if Christians are better off, healthier, or less prone to being killed by tornadoes than atheists.
F. God answers prayers.  See if people who believe and pray are more likely to get what they pray for than those who simply work hard to achieve.
G. God punishes sinners.  We if people how lie, cheat, kill, or commit any other “sin” are punished in life.
H. People have a “soul” that will exist for all eternity.  See if there is anything eternal about a human. Something that cancer, dementia, and death can’t affect.

Second the Negative Hypothesis.  If he does NOT exist, then….

A. The universe and earth could be much older than 10,000 years and evolved over millions of years.  See how old they are.
B. The operation of the universe would follow the laws of physics, and never deviate from them.
C. Mankind has a propensity to invent Gods to meet their psychological and social needs, so diverse cultures would invent diverse and contradictory versions of God.
D. Humans evolved from some type of chimpanzee, and our DNA, biology, blood, organs, brain, eyes, spine, and fingers would be very similar to an apes.
E. Bad things and good things happen to everyone, determined by their own efforts, lack of effort, weather patterns, and environment.  No one faith is unusually lucky.
F. Christian nations such as Mexico, USA, and Philippines would be as prosperous as more atheistic nations such as Norway, Germany, and Canada.
G. Christian nations have little need for jails, taxes, or laws because God would be just and take care of His people.
H. When Alzheimer’s strikes or a brain injury occurs, a person’s personality can totally change created a different person.  One’s mind is temporal.

3. Predict the Outcome

This is the difficult part for the believer.  Be intellectually honest with yourself, and predict what should be the outcome of these tests based on what your religion teaches.  Your local minister or priest will tell you many reasons why you cannot do these tests, and if you do them, how you should game them.  Religion has failed these tests for hundreds of years now, so they have modified their teachings, and hardened their stance against even asking them.

It is OK to do this scientific inquiry.  It will make you better understand your faith, and your god.

4. Take the time to test each of your statements.

You can do a quick investigation on-line in a day or two, but I highly recommend taking a month or year to do it.  Exhaustively test each statement untill you are 100% sure you know the answer to the question.  My book Why Adam and Eve Created God took over 10 years to research and compile.  In it I prove why we created God.  To prove to yourself there is a God, you should spend enough time to make sure you believe your own research.

It may frustrate you because if you are a believer, you’ll want to be able to prove God exists.  No one has ever been able to do this, but it is worth proving to yourself.  If you search the web for “Proof that God Exists”  you will find millions of pages about this.  Not one will have any proof.  The millions of pages are filled with millions of philosophical “arguments that God Exists”.  But a web site that proves that God exists using facts and evidence that any reasonable person would consider “proof” simply does not exist.

5. Analyze the Results of your Tests

Are you being honest? Look hard at the evidence.  Ignore or discard any evidence that is from one-source with no way to verify it.  There is a lot of bad-science out there, much if it done by Christians in hope of finding God. If you find evidence you feel is compelling, verify from independent sources that it is what it appears to be.

For example:

A. If someone says the earth is billions of years old, look into their sources.  Verify others agree with them and have independently validated their work.  See if they submitted their theory to Scientific Methods.  Read what the credible critics say about the earth being billions of years old, and make sure there is no compelling evidence that it is not.

B. If someone says men walked with dinosaurs millions of years ago.  Verify the source and credentials of the person asserting this.  Look at the evidence. Could it be faked?  is there more evidence?  Does the fossil record back up this assertion?

This process is a LOT of work.  When you review the results of your research, you now have to research the results to make sure the facts used are really true fact.  But it is very enjoyable and intellectually rewarding.  You are moving from blind faith to educated understanding.