You have taken a brave step, one few people on earth are willing to do.  You went looking for answers to why people believe in God.  Belief in God is found around the globe, but a willingness to understand where this belief comes from is rare, and for many it takes tremendous courage to do what you have done. 

If you have been a believer in God since childhood, you deserve even more credit for visiting this site.  People you love have (with the best intentions) misled you all your life.  Your parents told you the same lies they were told by their parents.  Your community is filled with nice people you worship with, and respect each-other’s view of God.  Your best friends believe the same things you do.  You were told that questioning your faith is the work of a demon.  You may have convinced your own children to believe in your God.  But you took the brave step of researching where your faith comes from. 

Congratulations!    And don’t stop now.  Read on and study the information available here.  It won’t take long for you to see where your version of God came from.  Why you believe in God is very easy to understand, is the result of many very natural experiences and processes, and very fascinating to investigate.   Be proud you are smart enough to do this.  Intellectual pursuit is nothing to be ashamed of.  Your spiritual leaders may tell you this is wrong, but they are.

I have written a book that covers all aspects of religion, and explains why people created their Gods.  Why Adam and Eve Created God is an outstanding resource if you want to know where God came from and why people believe in God.  And this web site is loaded with additional information about this topic, and hyperlinks to many other web-sites that will provide you with the information you need to determine for yourself where your God came from. 

Thank you for visiting.