The book’s name “Revelation” is very much a misnomer.  This book of the Bible is confusing to anyone who reads it, including all Christians.  Revelation often seems bizarre and incomprehensible, a clear indication that it was not written by God.  Revealing how the world will end is a very important topic.  If any person really know this, they could easily reveal it in an understandable way.  God would even do better – if he existed.  But Revelation was written by someone who didn’t have any idea when the world would end and was afraid to be clear about what he was saying.  For 1900 years, Christian Churches cite Revelation to prove God predicts the immanent end of the world.  During the Cold War, many people even used it to predict a coming nuclear Armageddon between the US and USSR.

Here are some interesting facts about the book of Revelation:

  1. The author used apocalyptic writing style to hid their message, because he/she was afraid the message of the book would get them in trouble with Roman authorities.
  2. Its message is:  when the time is right God will destroy evil and God’s eternal kingdom will be established.
  3. There is no reference to a “rapture” in it.
  4. There is no reference to an “anti-Christ” in it.
  5. Many early Christian church leaders opposed including Revelation in the Bible.


References:  Elaine Pagels, “Revelations: Visions, Prophecy & Politics in the Book of Revelation.”