Why Adam and Eve Created God

Who created God. Why we believe in God.

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Chapter 32 – Divine Human Founders

It takes a special energy to endure the hardships and ridicule religious leaders endure.  It takes convictions.  Convictions that can be hard for others to understand and appreciate.  These convictions comes from within him—from within his psyche.  They may reside in all of us, but only a few are motivated to express their passions to […]

Chapter 31 – Genesis: The First Mistake

The heavy blows science deals out to religion damages this first book of the Bible more than most any other.  Every time science seems to land what appears to be a knock-out punch against the myths of Genesis, the faithful find a way of re-interpreting their beliefs to soften the blow.  The Christian religions are […]

Chapter 30 – Scientific Proofs without Science

Five hundred years ago, it is easy to understand how very smart people could still believe in a God. Without only simple time keeping devices to help plot his course, it seemed like a miracle that a man like Magellan could navigate the globe.  Great accomplishments were done with hard work, bright minds, persistence, and […]

Chapter 29 – This Year’s Eternal Truth

Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.”  This summarizes most Christian’s confidence in their God.  It also could apply to any Jew, or Muslim, for all are certain their faith is the true one.  One way or another, God gives meaning to life and through His words the believers encounter […]

Chapter 28 – Prayers Unanswered

In America, and so many other nations, prayer is a universally accepted solution to most every problem, and it still is completely taboo to question someone’s request for a prayer.  “Pray for me.”  “Let us pray that they…”  “I pray that they don’t….”  “Let’s say grace…”  These phrases are part of our language, and our […]

Chapter 27 – Logic without Reason

The adventures of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland excited us as children.  They were more than just good stories.  They were filled with symbolism that consciously was cute but unbelievable.  However, they were profoundly appealing stories on a subconscious level and to this day delight many children and adults.  Leaving the Never-Never Land of […]

Chapter 26 – God Exists

This is where the mistakes begin.  The God I am discussing here is the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  Not the hidden away, absent, and abstract First Cause of the twentieth century, but the God in the holy books. Yahweh. Jesus. Allah. The Lord God Almighty.  This is the God who does miracles, […]

Section 3 – Mistakes and Bloopers of Our Religions

We have come a long way now, visiting some of the history of religion and the many reasons why mankind has a propensity for the Holy.  For the unconvinced and the skeptic, as well as those of us who require proof, this chapter will attempt to address some of the more important fundamental beliefs of […]