When you ask “Why do you think many people would believe in Him? ” you are asking a great question.

There are many very good reasons, and I have the answer for you.  Unlike so many websites, you can’t get a quick answer here because the answer to Why Many People Believe Religion? is complex, and there are hundreds of fascinating aspects to the answer. Why people believe in a God is a not talked about in polite society because people differ in their faiths for very personal, embarrassing, and illogical reasons.  With so much disagreement about who’s God is right or who’s religion is true, few believers want to cast stones at other faiths.  I don’t want to either.  But I do want to help people who believe in God to understand why people believe in god.

My book Why Adam and Eve Created God answers this question for you.  The answer will amaze you.  You will find that believing in God is normal.  The hundreds of reasons people believe in God are so compelling, that most of the people on earth feel compelled to believe in some god or another.  The reason’s have nothing to do with anything supernatural.  They are a natural part of being human, and everyone should understand this part of human nature.  Each believers have their own reason to believe in God, and that is why we have created thousands of Gods.  See a list of gods here.

Obviously, the number one reason of why people believe in God:  Their parents made them.  Think about your faith, or your friends. Do they have the same god as their parents? Their grandparents?  In most cases they do.

But religious faith is much more complex, and I hope you take the time to read my book and understand the deeper meaning behind people’s faith.  The list of other reasons that people believe in God is long, and different people need a god for different reasons.  When you understand the history, logic, psychology, social pressures, and science behind religious faith, you will understand religion so much better.  And if you still have some faith in a god, you will gain the courage to let go.