Whatever of good befalls you is from Allah, and whatever ill befalls you is from yourself.   (Qur’an, An-Nisa 79)

This sentence from the Qur’an sums up most every religion’s view on how their God interacts with their life.  Attributing all that is good as gifts from God/Allah can make people feel indebted to their God, vulnerable to his wrath, and diminishes their own self-worth.  The Christians put it this way:

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above (James 1:16)

To the believer, these claims are self-evident and absolutely true.  Could they be proven wrong? Not really.  Is there evidence to support this belief?  Not really.  So what is the harm in believing this? Lots.

To those whose minds are held captive by some religion, we see a bit of the Stockholm Syndrome.  Captives defend their God for all his mercy and goodness.  Embracing bad logic is mentally unhealthy.  Great things happen to even very evil people, and horrible things happen to many of the strongest believers. Believers see this truth daily and as much as they want to ignore the facts, their minds cannot be turned completely off.  Ignoring all sense of reason is not good.  Faith in something that doesn’t exist is silly and even dangerous.

Belief that all good comes from God may seem benign, but the unreasonable logic it takes to contort ones mind into believing good is from God and evil from someplace should challenge the senses of all intelligent people.  Especially when other common religious beliefs are held up to simple logical scrutiny. Believers daily encounter the following truths, twisting them to contort to their faith.

  • Cancer, Polio, and all diseases kill just as many believers as atheists.
  • Tornados crush Christian men, women, and babies more often than any other religion. (because of geography not vengeance)
  • No prayer is ever answered.  Even the most honorable request is ignored.
  • No religious person can ask god for help and get it.
  • Religious organizations fail, go bankrupt, get destroyed, and burn down. God doesn’t protect them.
  • Religious leaders are often habitual child molesters, addicted to pornography, and partake in all the vices thy rally against.
  • Nothing in the Bible that describes God’s supernatural power has ever been proven. Not once.
  • Millions of people search for God, and no person has ever found any evidence that He exists.
  • Smart, honest, well-educated people have found countless of pieces of evidence that the God of the Bible is a man-made myth.
  • Scientists have found millions of pieces of evidence that the stories in the Bible are wrong, and are man-made myths.
  • History shows we made up thousands of Gods. From Apollo to Jesus to Zeus, they all were made up.
  • The only place to “Find God” is in events that are random, ancient, or immeasurable.
  • God never shows himself in ways that are obvious, measureable, repeatable, or photographable.
  • Many of the greatest nations on earth are filled with Atheists.
  • Many nations with people struggling to survive are highly spiritual filled with a majority of strong believers.
  • Christians don’t agree with each other on matters of their faith.  Nor do Muslims, Buddhists, and all other faiths.
  • Todays religions are very different than they were 100, 200, 500, and 1000 years earlier. They aren’t eternal, absolute, or divine.
  • All religions re-invent themselves, and change their rules as needed to keep members loyal.

The believer living in the modern world must face the above realities every day.  To continue to believe is simply too difficult for an intelligent person to do without some anxiety or consequences.  For many people, particularly the educated and intelligent who reason and think logically, true belief is stressful.  Taking the time to understands where God came from will relieve all the stress.

The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble. (Proverbs 16:4)

You are probably reading this because you are smart enough to see the unreasonable logic in this whole train of though.  You are right.  When you look at all the evidence of God’s handiwork in our universe, it becomes very obvious good and evil are not controlled by an intelligent or caring being.  The people who create gods tell us to credit all good to their god, but with 2000+ gods out there, the logic to this request is just as unreasonable.  When someone tells you their God did such-and-such good thing, really look at it and see if there is any evidence that a supernatural event occurred. There will be none, and no one has ever found a single piece of evidence that good things come from gods.