Religious Freedom takes a lot of courage.  I hope you found my book Why Adam and Eve Create God an enjoyable read, enlightening, and empowering.  If you are like many of us ex-believers, you will need courage to deal with the repercussions of your new found freedom.  I hope my book gave you some of the courage you’ll need.

Take solace in the fact the many believers who will ridicule you actually envy you.  They all have doubts, and only the few are brave enough to actually act on them.  Draw strength from the knowledge you know why people believe.  Look at their beliefs and see that they believe in God for all the reason’s you understand.  Don’t pity them, but rejoice in the fact that you get it.  You know what is going on.  You have figured it out and are the free one. 

The pain will come when you meet people who pity you.  The true believer in God will be certain you are going to hell, and this will torment them.  And it should.  A normal compassional perrson is saddened if they believe a friend is in danger.  Every situation is different, but I personally feel its best to switch the topic, and in most cases leave room for discussion if they want to and hope if they need it. 

Freedom of Religion is such a great feeling, the feeling alone will give you courage to proudly walk among the hoards of believers.